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Ahead of the release of JYJ‘s upcoming album “In Heaven“, scheduled to drop on September 15th, JYJ’s immense popularity managed to bring down Synnara Records website.

The servers were brought down on September 8th, a day before the pre-orders for the album actually went on sale due to the large amount of fans that gathered together for the pre-order. As soon as news on JYJ’s first Korean album, “In Heaven“, was made public, the influx of traffic kept growing and ultimately brought the servers down.

Furthermore, on the midnight of September 5th, JYJ’s company revealed a minute long music video teaser for “In Heaven” starring Junsu and Song Ji Hyo, and followed up with the release of ‘Get Out‘ on September 8th.

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Protect the Boss Big Release of NG Cuts…. Feature Special of 110 Minutes

Protect the Boss, the SBS Wed-Thursday drama that has rapidly risen to become the new icon of romantic comedies, will have a Chuseok (Thanksgiving) Feature Special of 110 minutes on the 10th.

Protect the Boss is a drama that is being very highly praised by the drama enthusiasts thanks to the excellent performance by the actors who do not fear ruining their looks. The Chuseok Feature Special is planned to allow the viewers to peek into all of its behind story.

The broadcast will have a “Unheard-of Fierce Fight of the Characters,” “Laugh-Out-Loud NG Collection,” and a time to reexamine the secrets of popularity unique to Protect the Boss. The “Unheard-of Fierce Fight of the Characters” is a time for an analysis of the characters who shine in their uniqueness and wit, and also for an examination of the conflict between the characters as they cross each other in love, as rivals, and as family in the drama.

SourceSegye Ilbo

JYJ Park Yoochun Purchases a High-End Villa With a Private Garden of Around 100 Square Meters

Park Yoochun has become a resident of the UN Village of Hannamdong, which is spreading as the representative residence like a trend among entertainers.

The A Villa of UN Village of Hannamdong that Park Yoochun has purchased in February is a high-end residence of about 330 square meters with superb views of the Han River and is equipped with a spacious solo/private garden.

It was confirmed that Park Yoochun purchased this villa for the price of the upper end of the 2,000,000,000 KRW’s (T/N: approximately a figure approaching 3 million USD). Park Yoochun who has acquired A Villa through the proceeds derived from the world tour and other such activities as JYJ has delayed moving in until recently and remodeled the villa with the finest of interior design, putting in several hundreds of millions of KRW (T/N: approximately several hundreds of thousands of USD). In particular, it became known that Park Yoochun put in much effort in decorating the private garden that is around 100 square meters.

The assistant manager of Maekyung Real Estate Center Kang Byungsuk relayed: “The villa that Park Yoochun purchased as a superb view of the Han River and it is also well-equipped with the a system of entry that is well controlled and environment that is closed off, as appropriate for a residence of entertainers. In the vicinity of the villa that Park Yoochun lives in, the actor Jung Junho and the singer Gu Junyup also lives.”

Not only Park Yoochun but also Kim Jaejoong, another member of JYJ, has moved into the Sangsungdong’s mixed-use penthouse in the 3,000,000,000 KRW’s (T/N: approximately a figure in the realm of 3 million USD) that he purchased with the proceeds from his activities as JYJ about a month ago. Kim Jaejoong’s penthouse is a luxury residence of the highest level, being about 297.5 square meters and equipped with a terrace. He became neighbors with another member Kim Junsu who moved into a B mixed-use dwelling a month earlier.

SourceEveryday Economy

JYJ will release their 1st album and make a comeback in the music industry.

On September 8th, JYJ released a song which is in their 1st Korean album “Get Out” through a music site. JYJ who released their “In Heaven” teaser, made an official statement for their comeback by releasing “Get Out”.

Right after JYJ released their song “get out” on the site,they immediately reached #1. JYJ’s agency,CJes Entertainment said “we were very surprised for we didn’t do any promotion before,yet we received a hot response”.

In 2010,when JYJ released their first world wide album,they made a phenomenal record of 450,000 pre-order. There are many wonders on how the response will be for their Korean album.

“Get Out” is a new song they announced at the 2011 JYJ world tour,and is a song Jaejoong and Yoochun composed. Its a song about being betrayed by the woman he loves,and by his friend. Its a high tempo pop dance song with straight forward lyrics.

JYJ will release their Korean album “In heaven” mid September.

credit: innolife

“This has nothing to do with JYJ. We’ve never received any investments or documents for the album’s production costs. Everything has to do with the composer Mr. K.”

The agency of JYJ, an idol group whose members are from TVXQ, has released an official statement on the lawsuit against them and stated, “We are baffled and on a false charge.”

Through a phone conversation with Newsen, a representative of C-JeS Entertainment stated on the 5th, “We read the article that stated that there was a lawsuit filed against us, and we’re extremely baffled by it. In other words, this whole thing is ludicrous. The charges have nothing to do with us, and we’ve never received any investments or documents for the album’s production costs.

The representative added, “We are currently consulting the case with our lawyer but as no documents on the issue were passed between the two sides, we have not yet decided how to tackle the situation.”

According to the Seoul District Courts, the production company Asia Bridge Contents signed an album production contract with the popular composer Mr. K last February and paid him one billion Won in advance across four payments from March till April. But Asia Bridge Contents has filed the lawsuit against JYJ’s agency in order to retrieve their one billion Won in advance payment.

To this JYJ’s representative emphasized, “This has nothing to do with us but they’re demanding that we pay them back for the advance payment. This is ludicrous. We never received any advance payment from Asia Bridge Contents and this lawsuit should be against the composer Mr. K.”

Credit: Newsen