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Last October, JYJ Kim Jaejoong had signed up for delayed enlisting with the Military Manpower Association.

An official from C-Jes, JYJ’s company, has stated in a phone interview “Kim Jaejoong had applied for a deferment of his military enlistment and was granted it from the MMA”

International activity and long periods of staying abroad were sited as the reasons for the postponing of enlistment. Because Kim Jaejoong is also attending Kyung Hee Cyber University, the reasons for the citing this source instead of academic ones promoted questions that he had been expelled. About these questions an official said “Kim Jaejoong is still in school, the rumors about his expulsion are not true” and “because JYJ had frequent overseas promotions, that is why we filed the documents for overseas stay”

The rumor is that because the application of delay was accepted, Kim Jaejoong will enlist in the military on August 31st of next year.  About this possibility officials have announced “That has not yet been determined”.

Meanwhile, because of his chronic asthma, Park Yoochun was categorized in grade 7 during his exam in August. He will need to be re-tested two times before enlisting.

Translation by: DoctorJaee of JYJ3

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The season for year-end music awards is back. Not only will the 3 broadcasters KBS, MBC and SBS be holding their music festivals at the end of December, there are various other music awards and festivals that are being prepared for November.

The most serious problem regarding this year’s music award ceremonies is whether JYJ (Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu), the group formed by 3 previous members of TVXQ, will be able to perform. With their own interests at stake, ex-management company SM Entertainment had shown their disapproval over JYJ’s participation in the music awards and festivals.

In reality, if JYJ were to attend and won an award, SM Entertainment, with whom they are in a legal dispute, could refuse to participate in the event. From the organizers’ standpoint, the groups that have enjoyed huge popularity this year include f(x), TVXQ, Super Junior, as well as SNSD, who have just made their comeback. As such, they would have to bear the burden of possibly missing out on all these “big fish”. 

However, it is also difficult to completely close the door on JYJ. Recently, their first Korean album “In Heaven” sold more than 300,000 copies so JYJ are more than qualified to receive invitations to music awards. The JYJ fanbase also can’t be ignored. As an example, JYJ fans have shown their collective power following successive refusals to allow them to perform on KBS “Music Bank”. If JYJ are still unable to attend the year-end awards, they will be able to raise the issue of fairness in these awards.

JYJ’s side expressed their standpoint, ”At present, they will be able to attend the award ceremonies as they do not have any overseas schedules planned after mid-November. If there are requests for discussions by the award organizers, they have the intention of attending.”

On the other hand, the Melon Music Awards will begin on 24 November and the MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Festival), organized by cable channel Mnet, will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 29 November. In early Deember there is the Golden Disc Awards, in mid-December the GAON Charts Awards and early next year, the Seoul Music Awards will be held.

Source: [startoday + jyjjapan]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
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JYJ LOLz for you guys


JYJ @ Gimpo Airport departing for Japan

They will be having a Japanese concert on Oct. 15 and 16

JYJ at Gimpo Airport 131011

JYJ’s Donation of 600 Million KRW to [Alleviate] Japan Earthquake Damage Becomes Shelter for the Victims

A Card Created by World Vision Japan as an Expression of Thanks to JYJ

A portion of the donation of 600 million KRW (approximately 600,000 USD) that JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu) has made for the regions damaged by Japan’s earthquakes have been used to construct a shelter for the victims.

According to World Vision on the 12th, the shelter provided by JYJ was recently erected in a temporary residential development in Japan’s Iwate Hyun which was one of the damaged area from the large earthquakes. The rest of the donation was used to prepare the emergency relief materials and reconstruction at the beginning of the restoration stage for the earthquakes.

30% to 40% of the current residents of Iwate Hyun are the elderly of over 65 years old and so it urgently called for help. The residents of this place who must live in a temporary dwelling for two years that will take for the restoration to finish have come to enjoy rest of body and mind through the shelter that JYJ has gifted.

Mitsuko-san (63), who has received the benefit of this shelter, relayed through World Vision: “After the earthquakes, many of the neighbors were uneasy psychologically but now they have come to enjoy stability in a space that JYJ built. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.”

JYJ’s way of donations is not a one-time momentary event and so is even more meaningful. JYJ has enthusiastically led the effort of informing people of the seriousness of Japan’s earthquake damage through their 9-city world tour that began in April.

During the duration of the tour, through the World Tour SNS site that is linked to the official homepage, JYJ unfolded a “Take Heart, Japan” writing-replies campaign, a donation campaign with World Vision, and such.

JYJ said: “At the time of the Japanese earthquakes, it was such a big shock and sorrow. We found a channel that could be a tangible aid for the children who suffered at the time. We are truly happy that through World Vision our sincere heart was relayed to enable us to provide such a great shelter.”

JYJ’s way of donations is not limited to helping Japan with regards to its earthquake damage. JYJ has relayed 30,000,000 KRW (approximately 30,000 USD) from the proceeds of the showcase that took place last year to World Vision and is currently helping the construction of restrooms and sanitation facilities in elementary schools in Kakanda, Congo.

Continuing this heart of JYJ, their fans have donated last year a wreath of rice and relayed a total of 8380 kgs of rice to 11 locations such as World Vision City of Love House of Sharing.

On the other hand, JYJ plans to hold a concert in Japan’s Hitachi Ocean Park in Irabaki Hyun on the 15th and 16th to gather a total of 60,000 persons as audience.

Translation CreditJYJ3

T/N:  JYJ performance in ”XVII SALÓN DEL MANGA” being featured in the main page ofFic Comic

The popular South Korean group JYJ (initials of its three members, Junsu, Yuchun and Jaejung) has decided to present his latest album “In Heaven” and to kick off their European Tour in ”XVII SALÓN DEL MANGA”. The band has chosen Barcelona to present their unique performance in Spain, beginning his tour of the continent.

On the morning of October 29, JYJ will meet with the press of ‘La Farga”. Then, on the stage of “Poliesportiu del Centre”, fans will enjoy this popular group with the interpretation of some songs that will serve as an appetizer for their concert that night in the Poble Espanyol de Barcelona.

JYJ begin their conquest of European Market in Barcelona after taken by storm the Asian charts responding their growing demand from fans. Spain is an European country with the largest number of cassiopeas, name given to followers/fans of JYJ.

The three members of JYJ began his career as part of the band TVXQ. After leaving their former group which they became the youngest Korean artists in sold over half a million records, they signed to the label Warner Music Asia to release “The Beginning”. The album, released in English, garnered a great success and opened the doors to the American market. The band achieved a considerable international recognition thanks to his collaboration with Kanye West on the main theme of the album, Ayyy Girl. His new album, In Heaven, which was put up for sale last September 23 and has several out of print.

JYJ’s visit to our country has been made ​​possible by the Open Music producer, in collaboration with Asian Club, an association that brings together fans of Asian music in Spain.

SourceFic Comic
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Jaejoong and his FUKUTARO shorts.

Jaejoong Tweets (@mjjeje) 111011

Kim JaeJoong harbored suspicion over his twitter being hacked.

On 11th October, JYJ’s Kim JaeJoong posted a tweet on his twitter saying, “It seems like my twitter has been hacked. Even if I have no idea who’s the culprit, I have no choice but to delete my twitter account if this persists.”

Normally, through twitter, Kim JaeJoong will update fans of his news through photos or writings. And, during the period when he filmed SBS’s Wed-Thu drama, ‘Protect the Boss’, the posting of the intimate friendship between JiSung, Choi KangHee and himself received much talk.

However, recently, through his twitter that was often used to communicate with fans, he realized strangeness and that was shown though the tweet he twitted. He told of the matter himself but didn’t reveal how much harm was caused.

On the other hand, SBS’s ‘Protect the Boss’ where Kim JaeJoong enthusiastic appeared as Cha MuWon Executive Director, ended on 29th September with much favorable reviews by viewers.

Source: Nate
Translated by: InHye87 of JYJ3
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